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Matchbook Betting Podcast

Sep 29, 2016

This week on the Matchbook Betting Podcast, Emmet, Dan, Neil, and Jesse analyse the big bets placed on Bournemouth v Everton and Bears @ Cowboys on and what strategies the bettor may have been using, plus we look ahead to Everton v Crystal Palace, Tottenham v Manchester City and Burnley v Arsenal in the Premier League and Colts @ Jaguars, Browns @ Washington and Chiefs @ Steelers in the NFL. Time Stamps: Jesse’s Premier League Big Bet analysis (:33), Everton v Crystal Palace (3:00), Tottenham v Manchester City (8:20), Burnley v Arsenal (17:45), Premier League Charity Bets (21:39), NFL Preview (22:38), Jesse’s NFL Big Bet analysis (23:40), Colts @ Jaguars (26:17), Browns @ Washington (32:42), Chiefs @ Steelers (37:37), Charity Best Bets (46:41) Bet smarter with Matchbook >